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Wow. Really? 3 months since the last post on this thing? I personally blame Facebook. It's much easier to update that crazy thing than this one. When I say easier, what I mean is that I can be a whole lot lazier and throw up a couple of pics and a one-liner and call it good. On the blog, I have to go into detail and stuff. Man, that's hard to do. Well maybe not hard, just take up more time that we don't seem to have a lot of lately. So, I would again like to re-commit to our commitment of updating this blog. It really is darn cool. Just need to make it a point to do it. Hopefully I can "nutshell" a lot of our life for the past few months.

Bruin is of course the main topic of conversation. He is doing fantastic! Growing like crazy I tell ya. We haven't had him weighed lately, but I'll bet he's on the top end of 18 pounds or so. He will be 8 months old on the 28th of May. His personality is awesome. All around, he's just a chill, happy baby. The first few months of life were pretty strained and difficult, but he has really turned an awesome corner. He is content, and happy the majority of the time. He only starts to fuss when there is something wrong. Or if he starts getting hungry. I can relate, I also start to fuss when I get hungry - can't blame Bruin for doing the same thing.

Bruin is super mobile. I wouldn't call it crawling just yet. It is more of the army crawl thing right now, but he can certainly get to where he wants to go, and quick! he is currently most attracted to black electrical cords, and Payton's water dish. :) I think in the next couple of weeks he'll be full on crawling. He's has graduated to people food now. We still feed him his baby food, and formula - but he is able to put down some mashed up people food too. He is growing so dang fast! He is incredibly vocal too. No words yet, but he definitely like to hear himself talk! Lastly, he really likes the ladies (good job son). Whenever we're out and about, if he sees someone next to us or whatever, he is ALL smiles! It is hilarious!

Andrea and I are doing great! I finally finished my dang Associates degree. Yahoo! It only took me 16 years! Geesh! I'll start up the Bachelor's program in the fall. Andrea celebrated her first Mother's Day. I had pics taken of Bru and I and gave them to her. She liked them a lot. I had to be sneaky but accomplished my mission.

Outside of that, there really isn't a whole lot of stuff going on. We're just plugging away going to work and coming back home. We do still manage to have somewhat of a life by going out to the occasional dinner with friends, or having them over at the house. So, (as I'm knocking on wood) things are going really well for us. We are certainly blessed beyond what we deserve and we're just trying not to mess up too badly in any particular way. :)

Before the pics - you HAVE to take a look at the video we took of Bruin! Too funny - everytime I see it I laugh out loud!



Latest news from the Whitakers

Well shoot. You get constantly warned about not having any time once a little one arrives. I guess we're finding out that everyone wasn't just full of hot air. :) It is pretty amazing how quickly days go by now. Man, we wake up in the morning and the next thing we know we're putting the little guy down for bed and then relaxing ourselves for a bit before turning in. It has been a rather action packed couple of months since the start of the new year.

Bruin is doing absolutely great. He is still a really healthy baby. At his 4 month appointment he weighed in at 16.9 pounds and I think he was 26 inches long! Everyday is an adventure and it seems as the weeks go by he is just developing faster and faster. We aren't swaddling him to sleep anymore, we just have bath time and then get him ready for bed. We lay him down and then he's out. The night's are still a little interesting. He gets up one time to eat and that's about it. However, a couple of night's ago he did sleep for 12 straight hours! We were amazed! Of course, I did sneak in there when I got up at 4:30 to make sure he was still breathing. :) He is rolling over which is pretty dang cool and he is so interactive it's amazing.

We all went to San Francisco last weekend and spent a total of 4 days there. Andrea nor I had ever been before and it sounded like a fun place to go. This was our first family vacation and maybe our last for a little bit since Andrea is going back to work relatively soon. It was a blast though - the only downside was when we first arrived.

Bruin did absolutley great on the plane ride and the only question we had was how to get from the airport to the hotel. I figured we could take our chance at public transportation. How hard could it be right? We only had 2 - 50 pound suitcases, a carseat attached to one of them, and a stroller attached to the other, a backpack diaper bag/carry-on, and a 17 pound baby. Public transportation? Easy Peezy.

Well, we were able to drag, carry, hoist everything on to the train in San Francisco from the airport - no biggie. There was one stop that we needed to get off at to get to our hotel, we figured it out and were waiting for that stop. The stop came and we easily got off the train with our gear, oh and the baby too. We get off the train underground, so everything looks as it should. We calmly walk to the elevator to get above ground. Well, the elevator didn't go to the street, it went to one level below the street. Whatever - it's all good. We walked through the station a bit and found another elevator. Well , we found a broken elevator. No biggie - there's gotta be an escalator or something we can use. Yahoo! We found an escalator! Well, we found a broken escalator. So, you guessed it, we had to take the stairs with all of our gear. Andrea dragged one of the suitcases with Bruin attached to her front in a baby Bjorn, and I dragged the other one. Finally we were street level. Another couple of blocks and we can relax in our hotel!

Not so much.

Turns out we were about 12 blocks away from our hotel. Now in a normal, flat, city - who cares about 12 blocks right? No big deal, suck it up and do it. San Francisco is a different story. The first couple of blocks weren't terrible, a slight incline. However, the rest of them were just like the San Francisco streets that we all know and love. I happen to love them less than I did, say 3 weeks ago.

This is one of the hills we went up. Trust me when I say there were several blocks that looked just like this. I've never experienced looking up the street, and you are literally looking UP the street. I swear the street disappeared into the clouds, I know it did. So we just hunkered down and kept on going. Me dragging the 100 pounds worth of luggage, stroller, and carseat, and Andrea with Bruin. Talk about a workout.

Anyway, the rest of the vacation was fun. We went to Alcatraz, the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Painted Ladies (these are the Victorian houses from Full House), Golden Gate Bridge and all that kind of touristy stuff. While we were there we rode the cable cars, the city buses and did so rather well. It was a really fun vacation. Needless to say, we paid extra and took a cab back to the airport.

Outside of that, life is pretty chill. Watching Bru grow up and looking forward to Spring to do some work on the outside of the house, landscaping type stuff. Nothing too big.

Okay, some pice and then I'm done.